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UserHeat add new 2 Heatmap functions

new heatmap We are very happy to announce releasing new 2 heatmap functions!! So far, UserHeat had 3 heatmap functions, “click heatmaps”, “attention heat maps”, “mouse movement”. Now, we add “Scroll Depth heatmap ” and “Leaving area”. Now let's explain details of new one. You can check all heatmap functions Scroll Depth Heatmap It monitors the 25%, 50%, 75%, and 100% scroll points, You can find out ...Read more

The “Luna Luna Case,” a case study in massively improving CV (conversion) with Mobile Heatmaps and A/B Testing

MTI Base Design Case Summary Resulted in 171% improvement of website's CVR (conversion rate) using continuous A/B tests Visualized the pros and cons of the landing page's design patterns using Heatmaps About MTI Ltd. MTI Ltd. provides more than 100 services in the fields of healthcare, music, e-books etc. In particular, services such as Luna Luna and are its most popular. Its business comes ...Read more

UserHeat Installation Guide

hm_top Here is UserHeat’s 7 steps installation guide. 1, Register your site Visit, and just input your site’s URL you want to analyze. 2, Input form Input form. You need your e-mail address, password, re-password necessary. You have to input your e-mail address, because later we will send confirmation to your e-mail. 3, Check your e-mail and we will sen ...Read more