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UserHeat Installation Guide


Here is UserHeat’s 7 steps installation guide.

1, Register your site


Visit, and just input your site’s URL you want to analyze.

2, Input form


Input form. You need your e-mail address, password, re-password necessary.
You have to input your e-mail address, because later we will send confirmation to your e-mail.

3, Check your e-mail and we will send confirmation.


4, Input your e-mail address and password.


5, You sign up successfully.


You need to embed HTML tag on your site to analyze. Click [Create HTML Tag] on the upper tab.

6, Copy HTML tag and paste in your site.


Put the HTML code just before the closing HEAD tag of your site’s HTML.

7, Congratulations!! Tracking starts now!!


You can check your Heatmap, but UserHeat needs at least 100PV per page to generate heat map report. We strongly recommend early introduction, preparing when you need the data.

That’s all you need to do to start generating data for your UserHeat heatmap.
Visit, enjoy your analysis.

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